Science Fair Rules and Forms

After you know exactly what you want to do, it's time to fill out your forms and paperwork.

ISEF has a Rules Wizard which you can use to determine what forms you need to fill out BEFORE start your science project.

ISEF Rules Wizard

Below are the ISEF Forms needed for your science project and these forms be filled out BEFORE you start your experimentation.

Form 1, Checklist - Adult Sponsor This form is for your adult sponsor that is overseeing you and your project.
Form 1A, Checklist - Student This form is the checklist in letting us know the who, what, where, when and how of your project. There is also a paper on completing the research plan for your project.
Form 1B This form is the approval form for your project.
Form 1C This form is completed by the scientist supervising your research conducted in a regulated research institution (e.g., universities, medical centers, NIH, etc.) or industrial setting.
Form 2, Qualified Scientist Form This form is for telling us about the Qualified Scientist that is supervising you and your project. It may be required for research involving human subjects, vertebrate animals, portentially hazardous biological agents, and DEA-controlled substances. This form must be completed and signed prior to the start of your experiment.
Form 3, Risk Assessment Form This form is required for projects using hazardous chemicals, activities or devices or regulated substances. Must be completed prior to student experimentation.
Form 4, Human Subjects Form This form is required for all research involving humans. IRB approval required before experimentation.
Informed Consent Example, Human Subjects Form Here is an example of an Informed Consent.
Forms 5A and 5B, Vertebrate Animal Form These forms are required for all research involving vertebrate animals. The Form 5A is for projects conducted in a Non-Regulated Research Site. (SRC approval required before experimentation.) Form 5B is for Required for all research involving vertebrate animals that is conducted at a Regulated Research Institution. (IACUC approval required before experimentation.)
Form 6A,Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents Form This form is required for all research involving microorganisms, rDNA and fresh tissue, blood and body fluids. SRC/IACUC/IBC approval required before experimentation.
Form 6B, Human and Vertebrate Animal Tissue Form This form is required for all projects using fresh tissue, primary cell cultures, blood, blood products and body fluids. If the research involves living organisms, please ensure that the proper human or animal forms are completed. ALL PROJECTS USING ANY TISSUE LISTED ABOVE, MUST ALSO COMPLETE FORM 6A.
Form 7, Continuous Projects This form is required for projects that are a continuation in the same field of study as a previous project. This form should be accompanied by the previous year's abstract, Form (1A) and Research Plan.

All ISEF Forms This file contains all forms available by ISEF for an individual science project. Make sure you used the ISEF Rules Wizard above to determine what forms are necessary for your project.
ISEF Forms This link takes you to the ISEF website where you can also download the same forms from above "All ISEF Forms" link.

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