Northeast Florida Regional Science and Engineering Fair

The Judging Interview

A Science and Engineering Fair is both a competition and a valuable opportunity to nurture future scientists by giving them your undivided attention, asking incisive questions and providing positive feedback. As judges you will have an opportunity to study the student's projects during the judge's preview session on Monday evening, but the most important part of the judging is your interview with the students during the day on Tuesday.

Before you start:

Ask students to summarize their projects.

Request additional information on:

Judges should look for sound evidence of:

Judges should look for sound evidence of:

Of Special Importance

Remember to compliment students on work done and encourage them to expand their research interests.

NOTE: Personal questions, e.g., about the students' backgrounds, home life or school attended, must be avoided. Please remember that some students may be shy or speak English as a second language. While skill in making oral presentation is part of what you are evaluating, your final score should be based primarily on creativity, scientific or engineering goals, thoroughness and skill and clarity as demonstrated in the finished paper and on the backboard.